Technology at ESE

Our goal is to ensure every student acquires the technology skills necessary to function in today's economy.

Row of computersLast year we added an additional computer lab with 32 student stations.  This allowed us to not only provide more computer access to our students but freed up the mobile lab of 32 laptops for teachers to check out for special projects in their classrooms.  The mobile lab is also a great resource during times when the labs are being used for testing.
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Document Camera

  • Document Cameras in every classroom-immediate viewing of any object or document
  • Projectors in every classroom-easy visibility of all lessons
  • Interactive whiteboards in classrooms-Interactive and engaging, great for creativity and student engagementSmart Interactive Whiteboard
  • Sound amplification systems in many rooms-cut out distractions and keep students focused
  • Teacher laptops for most staff-allows mobilityOpen laptop
  • Student computers in classrooms-access to resources and teaches independence
  • One Mobile Lab-for check out
  • Three Full Computer Labs-scheduled lab times for each class with open times for sign up Multi-station computer set-up for research in the library
  • Individual writers in classroms grades 2-5-allows for keyboarding practiceKeyboard unit
  • Server based Video Library-instant access to educational videos
  • Web sites-many helpful resources listed on our school student page that students can access from home