Student Assistance Team

Student Assistance Team

The Student Assistance Team (SAT) is a school-based team comprised of Level III teachers, Administrators, and Support Staff whose purpose is to problem solve with the student's teacher to develop a plan of action to meet the needs of the student.

The goal of the Student Assistance Team is to help students remain and succeed in the general education program, but also reduce unnecessary or inappropriate referrals for academic testing. SAT is a process that can lead to a number of different outcomes, e.g., every student referred to SAT is not referred for academic testing.

Within the classroom, all students are provided Tier 1 support, including; extended time to complete assignments, opportunities to review 1:1 with teacher, and small group instruction.

When a student is not responding to Tier 1 interventions, the teacher begins to monitor the progress of the student with Tier 2 interventions for 4-6 weeks. Tier 2 supports are offered with greater intensity (more frequently) and can occur in the classroom or with a reading interventionists individually or in smal groups.

If the student continues to struggle with skill acquisition and Tier 2 supports are necessary, the teacher and parent meet with SAT to discuss next steps.

Next steps may include: further progress monitoring with alternative Tier 2 interventions, the provision of additional out-of-classroom resources, or a request for academic testing.

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The SAT’s mission is to develop appropriate solutions to problems in the school environment through a cooperative, problem-solving, team effort. Although the team may make referrals to special education and other special programs, the SAT is not part of the school’s special education process, but rather part of the responsibility of general education.