Welcome to Stapleton

Need to know information for Stapleton Families
Posted on 08/08/2019

Welcome to Stapleton
phone: 505/891-8473 ext  “0” for front office



Times and Attendance

The first bell rings at 8:55 am and the tardy bell rings at 9:00 am.  Any student who arrives after 9:00 am MUST be accompanied by an adult and signed in at the Front Office.  Please do not drop your child off at the curb and let them walk into the school unsupervised after the tardy bell.


Prompt and regular attendance is necessary for all students to attain academic success.  If an absence is unavoidable, parents or legal guardians MUST CALL the school EACH DAY by 9:30 am to report that their child will be absent, and must state the reason for the absence.  If no reason is given, then the absence will be marked Unexcused.  Please call 891-8473, ext. 1 for the attendance line.


IF you are needing to change a way a student is going home, please make all changes by 2:30 pm, because teachers are not in their classes and able to check messages as easy at the end of the day.


If you need to pick up your student early, please remember students are not released 30 minutes prior to dismissal bell.  3:30 pm (M, T, TH, F) and 12:15 (W).  You MUST BRING IN YOUR PHOTO ID.  Only those persons listed on the child’s registration information will be allowed to sign out a student. Be sure to update this information as needed. Updates must be done in person.


Snack/Party Treats


Snack & Party Treat:  Only Store bought items with labels allowed per RRPS Guidelines.  Per Rio Rancho Public Schools Life-Treating Food Allergy Management Guidelines:  Only commercially prepared foods with intact food labels should be provided for celebrations and other school activities in order to avoid unintended ingestion or contact with allergy triggering ingredients.  Fruits and Vegetable are still ok.



Should you wish to celebrate your child’s birthday with his/her class, you MUST contact the teacher several days ahead of time so the teacher may approve and schedule the activity.  In an effort to promote healthy eating habits at school, we encourage recognition with items such as pencils and stickers. We would like to recommend individualized servings of healthy treats. In addition, please remember that some of our students have food, plant, and latex allergies. If you have no other option except cupcakes, mini sized are better than large ones.  Per RRPS Life-Threatening Food Allergy Management Guidelines ALL food brought into the school must be commercially prepared with intact food labels.


Because it is a disruption to the learning environment, please keep balloons, flowers and other celebratory items for the student to receive upon their arrival home. If you choose to have your student hand out birthday party invitations, please hand out one to each student in the class.


Please remember that these recommendations should also apply to any food brought into school.



Attention Volunteers


You will need to go to the Rio Rancho Public School website, www.rrps.net and fallow the directions to apply.  All the information and procedures about volunteering for the school are located under “Parents”–“Volunteers”.  There is a cost for processing and all volunteers must be 18 years of age.  


*IMPORTANT: You will need to be an approved volunteer to attend any field trip or volunteer in the classroom.


Classroom Observations


The Rio Rancho Public Schools actively seeks to create a safe and welcoming environment at all campuses for all students, staff, parents and other visitors.  However, in keeping with the educational goals of the school and district, our primary responsibility must be to provide a safe and productive learning environment minimizing disruptions.  Thus, the interests of visitors must be balanced against the needs of students and staff.  Please see the front office for Classroom Observation procedures. 



See Student Handbook for more information.  (Student Handbook can be located on Stapleton Website)