September Newsletter

September is here already!

August flew by fast and furious. I am sure September will be the same. In our new ELA curriculum, Unit 1 is titled Connecting to our World. The reading instructional focus is identifying elements of a story, using illustrations and details to describe characters and understand stories, retell stories in order, understanding the words authors use, and identifying the central message of a story. In lesson 13, we will begin to look at informational texts. In math, we began working on combinations to 5, then 6-10. We have now moved into story problems that require the students to find a missing addend in the equation. Students make number bonds for all to reinforce the part/part/whole concept. As our concepts change I will continue to send home the parent letters to keep you updated on where we are.

As we mentioned during Curriculum Night,  we will not be sending homework home. Students are expected to read every night for “homework.” Ask them about the elements of the stories you read: characters, setting, beginning, middle, end. Ask them if the story has a “message.”

Be sure to check the snack/specials calendar daily to ensure that your student wears tennis shoes on PE/Music days!!

If you ever have any questions or concerns never hesitate to call us! 891-8473 ext 118 or ext 120.


Dates to Remember

9/2/16—Popcorn Day

popcorn –$.25

fruit snacks $.50

Pickles $.75


Barbecue...our lunch time is 11:15.

9/5/16-Labor Day NO SCHOOL

9/8/16-1st PTA Meeting 7 PM in cafeteria

9/16/16 Popcorn Day

9/16/16-Jersey Day! Wear your favorite shirt/jersey/hoodie showing your favorite team....high school, college, or professinal...NFL, NBA etc

9/30/16 Popcorn Day